SHURE MV5C: new microphone ideal for teleworking and Home Office

SHURE is the reference brand in the microphone market, with over 95 years of experience. Now, an excellent microphone for working at home, the Shure MV5C, to be used in the Home Office and in teleworking arrives on the national market.

The retro design is subtle, but well done, while the sound quality promises to surprise users, even daring to compare its performance with the quality of studio microphones. The Shure MV5C costs 125 € in Portugal.

Shure MV5C, probably the best microphone for teleworking

Shure MV5C

The usage configuration has been simplified so that any user can unpack the MV5C, connect it to their computer and start using it. In addition, its configuration provides different audio modes that can be easily established.

The earphones are optional, so users can pause their use and listen through speakers, whether external or from the computer. The microphone is compatible with Mac and Windows devices through direct connection with the included USB-A and USB-C cables. This is the first of its highlights, the ease and simplicity of configuration.

Studio-quality sound for the home office

Technically, the MV5C is a directional microphone that includes Shure’s Speech Enhancement Mode to enhance the user’s voice in audio or video calls. This was one of the brand’s priorities, optimization for teleworking.

Users can speak with the security of knowing that their voice will be heard clearly during meetings, presentations and virtual classes, without having to repeat themselves or being asked to speak louder.

The Shure microphone has a retro design


The Shure MV5C features an elegant and compact design, which fits naturally in any office to offer powerful sound with studio quality. Its table support is fully adjustable and allows the user to easily fix the position of the MV5C towards the mouth. It has a solid base for comfortable use on the home desk.

In short, the MV5C is an update to home audio, which helps professionals to speak with more confidence, knowing they will be heard clearly on the other end of the call. In other words, it is the perfect tool for telecommuting.

This microphone is already available in Portugal through the Shure distributor in Portugal and Spain, with a suggested retail price of 125 €. However, is available from € 115 on Amazon.ES, with excellent reviews.

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