The Motorola Andrdoid 11 list has arrived

Unfortunately, there is no mention of older mobiles, so the list is not a big surprise, in any case there were plenty of items.

Motorola is announcing on its official blog which cell phones they will receive Android 11update. Basically, 2019 and 2020 models are mentioned, so the manufacturer is hardly surprised, but we still hope that maybe older models will be added to the support list later. The entry also mentions the new features expected from the system, with native chat bubbles, home smart device management from one place, and a revamped app license system, of course, included in these models with the update. In terms of date, all we know is that “in the coming months,” and the list looks like this:

  • motorola razr 5G
  • motorola razr 2019
  • motorola edge
  • motorola edge+
  • motorola one 5G
  • motorola one action¹
  • motorola one fusion
  • motorola one fusion+
  • motorola one hyper
  • motorola one vision
  • moto g 5G
  • moto g 5G plus
  • moto g fast
  • moto g power
  • moto g pro
  • moto g stylus
  • motorcycle g9
  • motorcycle g9 play
  • motorcycle g9 plus
  • motorcycle g9 power
  • motorcycle g8
  • motorcycle g8 power
  • Lenovo K12 Note

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