The Raspberry Pi Foundation launches its alternative to Arduino

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, until now focused solely on its micro computer boards, has just entered the field of microcontrollers with the official presentation of the Raspberry Pi Pico, its alternative to Arduino microcontrollers, which will allow hobbyists and industries to develop all kinds of projects involving the combination of Raspberry Pi boards with microcontrollers to offer a variety of functions.

They point out that their new product will cost about four dollars, where for the moment it will be available to users in the United States through a series of channels, to reach other markets later in the year, and that it integrates a development chip own, the RP2040, with ARM Cortex-M0 + dual core at 133 Mhz, accompanied with 2 MB of flash memory (supports a maximum of 16MB), 30 GPIO pins (with four pins for analog inputs), direct memory access controller ( DMA), USB 1.1 driver, among other items.

Complementing the Raspberry Pi board ecosystem

From the foundation they point out that to launch a microcontroller To make it attractive, they must first know how to develop their own chip just as “other fruit companies” have done so as not to be less than the same.

The RP2040 chip has been developed under three fundamental pillars: high performance, flexibility in the inputs / outputs and low cost, having used the experience learned from other microcontrollers used on their own boards, having taken years of hard work.

Facilities to allow entry to any interested party

To make things even easier, and not only at the price level, they also offer complete documentation, covering both the microcontroller itself and its RP2040 chip, and the SDK as well as the developer utilities, on a specific web page.

There is also a printed book for those who are starting to develop projects with microcontrollers using the Python programming language.

Various accessories complement the capabilities of the microcontroller

And how could it be otherwise, there are also a series of accessories to use with the new microcontroller of Raspberry Pi in association with some manufacturers, which opens up a whole range of creative possibilities.

It will only be a matter of taking time and imagination so that interesting things come out, which we may see in the future in the form of a product for consumers.

Those interested can know in detail everything about the first Raspberry Pi controller, assuming the possibility that they will launch improved versions over time, through the official announcement.

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