7 good Xiaomi products that you can buy up to 25 €

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers with the largest portfolio of products available, many of which we can buy in Portugal through stores like Amazon and Mi Store. Now we choose good products that cost less than 25 euros.

They are home gadgets, telecommuting, add-ons for Xiaomi phones and everyday needs. We highlight the highlights of each Xiaomi product from its latest catalog.

1. Redmi Power Bank 10 000 mAh da Xiaomi

Xiaomi Powerbank

Capacity: 10 000 mAh
Price: from € 12.95 on Amazon.ESsince 11,99 € na Mi Store

The Power Bank Redmi 10 000 mAh, in white, is a cheap and portable solution to charge up to two smartphones, or any mobile device, simultaneously. It has a maximum power of 10 W for charging and has two USB-A ports.

The Xiaomi powerbank can be charged via USB Type-C or micro-USB ports. It is one of Xiaomi’s cheapest products, available both on Amazon and at Mi Store Portugal stores, occasionally with promotions applied.

2. Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

Mi Router

velocity: up to 1200 mb / s
Price: since 24,88 € on Amazon.ESfrom € 24.99 na My Store

The Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition from Xiaomi has an extremely elegant profile, built in white and with four large antennas to ensure the best possible coverage at home. For those who are working from home, telecommuting, it can be a good buy to improve the Internet signal and its coverage.

The Xiaomi router uses Wi-Fi 802.11 ac technology that allows this network optimization, supporting up to 64 devices simultaneously. It has 64 mb of RAM memory and 16 mb of storage for configurations, configurable through the Mi Home app

3. Xiaomi temperature and humidity monitor

Monitor Temperatura Xiaomi

Screen: 1.5 inch LCD
Price: since 9,90 € on Amazon.ES

This small Xiaomi gadget is inexpensive and allows you to see the temperature and humidity of the room where it is placed. It has a Bluetooth connection and allows you to send the data to the smartphone through the Bluetooth 4.2 LE (Low-Energy) connection, being light and discreet.

The Xiaomi product is synchronizable through the Mi Home application and can be assembled using the adhesive base. Weighs only 20 grams, has a range of up to 10 meters (Bluetooth connection), and is constructed of ABS plastic.

4. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Airdots 2

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Airdots 2

Kind: auriculares Bluetooth True Wireless
Price: since 18,03 € na Amazon. ESfrom € 19.99 na My Store

Xiaomi has Mi Mi Wireless Wireless Earbuds Basica, or AirDots 2, the cheapest earphones with various amenities like the Bluetooth 5.0 connection for a more stable connection, in addition to being able to use only one headset at a time.

The earbuds’ autonomy arrives at four o’clock, having compatibility with Apple’s Siri virtual assistants and Google Assistant. With its case you can increase the earphone autonomy for up to 12 hours of use.

5. Xiaomi Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent

Xiaomi Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent

Kind: wireless mouse
Price: since 12,99 € on Amazon.ESfrom € 14.99 na My Store

For those looking for a cheap wireless mouse to work with, the Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent Edition, as the name implies, is relatively quiet. It has a total of 5 buttons – including the scroll and the two side buttons.

It stands out for its price / quality ratio, in addition to being a relatively comfortable mouse to use. It uses two AA batteries and uses plastic as its main building material, in addition to some aluminum highlights on this Xiaomi mouse.

6. Xiaomi smart shot

Xiaomi Smart Shot GMR4015GL

Extras: security protection
Price: since 12,49 € on Amazon.ES

To connect or disconnect an appliance, or lamp through the application on the smartphone, the Xiaomi smart socket is an inexpensive but very useful gadget. It is simple to install, simply plug in and control using the Mi Home application.

The design is discreet, with a safety mechanism with children and pets in mind. It is a Xiaomi product with good price, suitable for those who want to get more out of the smart home.

7. Lâmpada MI LED Smart Bulb Essential

Mi Smart Bulb Essential

Functions: White Light and Color
Price: since 14,64 € on Amazon.ES

The cheapest color smart lamp from Xiaomi is the Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential White and Color. Connects via Wi-Fi to the phone and can be easily controlled, having 9W of power, charging a total of 950 lm, adjustable in intensity and of course, color.

You can set the lamp to white light, also adjustable in temperature – 1700-6500K – cold white to warm white. It has a wide fit – E27, long service life and control through the Mi Home application. The consumption when turned off is 0.5 W.

Before you go, sees how to set up Amazon to buy in Portugal, with the step-by-step guide. Besides that, discover these Chinese brand products, with different gadgets that you’ll want to have.

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