Action Monitor: Tomtop offers a Lenovo Bluetooth headset

You can get the TWS tab for as much as the string solutions usually cost.


He pushed down the price for the Lenovo LivePods LP40, Tomtop normally costs just $ 13.4 for a charging capsule Bluetooth headset, plus it’s shipped to us for free. Although it is obvious that this product does not compete among high-end headsets, at this price we do not even get a similar one in the domestic market.


Although we haven’t had a chance to test this particular product yet, but it doesn’t seem very low by specifications at all, the 13mm sound generator, touch control operation, water resistance and noise cancellation are among the features, although the latter is only smooth for conversational sound quality to improve, not ANC.


The charging case has a capacity of 300 mAh and can be charged to 100% in one and a half hours via a Type-C connector. A red / green LED on the case itself indicates the process and the possibility of pairing, allowing you to fully charge up to three times the 40 mAh headsets, which are similar in design to the Apple Airpods series, so they are not audible.

The earphones are available in black and white, the whole pack weighs 25 grams on the scales, and Bluetooth technology is 5.0 if supported by our phone. You can order here while stocks last.

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