Falcon and the Winter Soldier will welcome another Avenger

Falcon and The Winter Soldier arrives on March 19 on Disney +. The series, which is still very mysterious, will welcome another Avengers in its ranks and it is Don Cheadle who announces the good news. War Machine will be there.

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The MCU on Disney+ is officially launched. Since January 15, the platform broadcasts the first series stamped Marvel: WandaVision. The scarlet witch will obviously not be the only one to benefit from such treatment and a series on Falcon and the Winter Soldier will land in a few weeks. While we do not yet know very little of the plot, Don Cheadle has just unveiled important information. As one could imagine, the Marvel productions on Disney will be the occasion to bring together some characters from the big screen and obviously from next March. He told BroBible that War Machine would make an appearance in the series, without specifying its nature. He will therefore be the third Avenger in the production cast, before having the right to his own series in the future. Falcon and The Winter Soldier taking place directly after the events ofAvengers : Endgame, we can imagine that the best friend of Tony Stark comes to lend a hand to the two former companions of Captain America. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait for March 19 to find out. In the cast of the Malcom Spellman series, we will unsurprisingly find Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in the title roles. They will give the answer to actors they already know well, since they have met them in Civil War. Emily VanCamp will reprise the role of Sharon Carter while Daniel Brühl returns as villainous Helmut Zemo.

The series on War Machine enters its writing phase

Announced during Disney’s Investor’s Day, the War Machine-centric series should soon enter its writing phase according to Don Cheadle. He explains : “Tony Stark’s death, I’m sure, will play a pivotal role in the series. There, we kind of evolved Rhodey. He is back on his feet and can walk as technology continues to develop. I imagine there is going to be another way to keep digging this part of Rhodey. “ If he does not directly mention the character of Iron Heart, the series will undoubtedly be an opportunity to introduce the character played by Dominique Thorne in the MCU and thus ensure the succession. For now, Armor Wars has no release date yet.

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