Google Fit will be able to measure the respiratory and heart rate, starting with the Pixels

Since the arrival of smart mobile phones on the market, these devices, which are already in daily use and indispensable for millions of people around the world, have not managed to monopolize functions over time, to which new ones will be added. functions even with the idea of ​​replacing or complementing what until now are everyday physical elements, such as entry keys or personal identification documents.

From Google they understand that these devices have been improving over time, both at the hardware and software level, and they even see them as ideal to also be health and well-being measurement devices thanks to their integrated sensors, which they have also been increasing and improving over time.

Smart mobile phones also as health devices

In this sense, Google will begin to allow, through the application Google Fit, users can make their measurements of respiration rate and heart rate, as a guideline for the users themselves, without the intention of replacing medical diagnoses or for the evaluation of medical conditions, starting first in the Pixel phones from next March to later reach other Android devices.

As explained In a statement, to measure your own respiratory rate, you simply have to place your head and upper torso in front of the front camera of the mobile and breathe to perform the measurement. And for heart rate, just place your finger on the rear camera lens. Does it sound like something to you? Well yes, it is the same way with which this app measures the heartbeat.

Google Fit will also allow to keep a record of measurements over time, which will allow users to make evaluations of their health and well-being for periods of time according to what they need to know.

From Google they explain that:

Thanks to increasingly powerful sensors and advances in computer vision, these features allow you to use your smartphone’s camera to track tiny physical signals at the pixel level, such as chest movements to measure your breathing rate and subtle changes. in the color of your fingers for your heart rate

And on the reliability of the measurements, he adds that:

We developed both functions, and completed initial clinical studies to validate them, to make them work in a variety of real-world conditions and for as many people as possible. For example, since our heart rate algorithm is based on the blood flow approximation of color changes on someone’s fingertip, you must take into account factors such as lighting, skin tone, age, and more to that works for everyone

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