In India, Android 11 will launch on the Mi 10T

Both the plain and Pro models indicate the latest version of Google currently.


By the end of the year, it had reserved Xiaomi’s best price / value ratio throw in 2020, and certainly a smooth, a kind and the Mi 10T Pro modell also put himself there, providing excellent knowledge of the much more expensive Wed 10compared to the high starting price of


The trio started with MIUI 12.1 and has been under development since then MIUI 12.5, but in India the Mi 10T and 10T Pro are not yet in Xiaomi robes, only in the Android generation moving forward from larger to 10, version 11. If all is well (not always so, the Our A3, for example, was lined), several other markets may notify you of devices that can be installed in a few weeks.

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