Microsoft will help with remote work with the arrival of its Microsoft Viva platform

Before the arrival of the pandemic, for some companies, remote work was already part of their corporate culture. The pandemic has made many more companies have to have their employees work remotely instead of having to go to their centers in person, and from Microsoft they understand that once the pandemic ends, nothing will be like before it, where the Remote working will continue to be the order of the day, either as a hybrid or 100% remote working method.

Under this vision, the company is opening the doors of Microsoft Live, its new platform focused on remote workers and integrated into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, serving as a centralized place instead of, as before, using different tools separately, which the company understands as fragmentation, despite the resources that companies spend on employee welfare.

With everything you need in a unified way to complement remote work

Basically, Microsoft Viva aims to serve as a corporate intranet, and for now it is raised under four different modules, although from Microsoft They want it to also be an open and extensible platform with which it could count on contributions from partners.

The four modules are Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning y Viva Topics. Viva Connections It is an equivalent to bulletin boards, where in addition to communications, company policies and other resources that allow the worker to become familiar with the culture of the company can also be announced. It will also serve as a point of contact between employees, forming a community.

For its part, Viva Insights It is a module aimed at managers and other higher-ranking workers, in which data will be offered on the trend and work patterns of the rest of the employees while maintaining their privacy.

Viva Learning is the module in charge of training and updating the skills of employees through different types of educational content, including also those existing in LinkedIn Learning, and even those of the companies’ suppliers.

And finally you will find Viva Topics, which will use the company’s Artificial Intelligence to organize knowledge cards based on topics based on applications such as Office, Teams and SharePoint.

Microsoft tries to visualize this module as equivalent to a “Wikipedia for the organization”.

Microsoft Viva becomes partially available from today, allowing access to Viva Topics to Microsoft 365 customers, while Viva Insights is currently available in public preview phase and Viva Learning in private preview phase.

Microsoft promises to offer more Live launches throughout this year.

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