New data arrives on Apple’s first Virtual Reality device

Little by little, new information is arriving about the development of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices in which Apple has been working for a long time, knowing by now that the first of them is expected to arrive next year, although it will not be aimed at a massive audience, although it will be launched in 2023, and will have a fairly high price in relation to the Virtual Reality devices of the competition, according to Bloomberg let us know in his report last January.

Now comes The Information throwing more information about this specific device, also showing a drawing of how it would be based on the last stage of the prototype of last year, confirming aspects such as the manufacture of the device It would have mesh fabric to reduce its weight, or that it will have a fairly high price, adding in addition that it would be about $ 3,000.

8K screens with eye tracking, more than a dozen cameras and more

According to their new report, the device will have more than a dozen cameras, which would be dedicated to hand tracking, and LiDAR sensors for mapping the environment in which users are.

Bloomberg was talking about high-resolution image displays, and The Information article adds that they will be 8K displays with eye-tracking technology, although it will use this technology to display images at lower resolution in certain areas of the screen depending on where it is viewed, in order to avoid the high energy consumption that it would have to show 8K images across the screen over time.

The report further states that it will use interchangeable headbands, and that it will use Apple Silicon chips with higher performance than current Apple M1 available on some of the company’s computers that it recently put up for sale.

Finally, it is pointed out that Apple would be experimenting with various control methods, which includes eye tracking and hand tracking, plus a dual available on one side and a thimble-like accessory that not much else is known about.

This first device, as we learned in January, would have limited Augmented Reality capabilities.

At the moment it is possible that Apple may make some changes until the arrival of the final model, which is expected to sell very few units in stores due to its high price and its more business focus.

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