watch out for mods, hackers exploit them to take control of your PC!

A newly detected vulnerability could let malicious modders infect your PC. CD Projekt therefore recommends avoiding using mods at this time.

Credit: CD Projekt

Definitely, mods on Cyberpunk 2077 know how to talk about them. Less than a week after launching his own tools specifically for modding, CD Projekt now asks players to avoid playing mods in general. Indeed, a recently detected flaw would indeed allow malicious modders to add lines of codes to their mods in order to execute them on the player’s PC and to control it remotely. CD Projekt was informed and quickly relayed a warning message on its Twitter account. The studio specifies that for the moment, it would be better to abstain ” use files from unknown sources ».

The issue was first mentioned on Reddit and by some modders, who then passed the information on to CD Projekt. Cyberpunk 2077 having accumulated disappointments and failures since its release on December 10, it is a new blow for the many players who must refrain from one of the most entertaining parts of the game. Indeed, despite the bad reputation for console gaming, it was greatly appreciated on PC where gamers let their imaginations run wild creating all kinds of special mods.

CD Projekt says that it is working on the problem and that it will be fixed as quickly as possible. Considering the gravity of the situation, it’s best for PC gamers who fancy having fun to only use mods designed by trusted developers, as CD Projekt suggests. However, this does absolutely not prevent players from creating their own mods if they feel like trying their hand at coding.


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