Facebook accused of using fake numbers in its anti-Apple campaign

In the midst of a crusade against Apple, Facebook is said to have used false figures to support its argument in favor of targeted advertising.

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War is still raging between Facebook and Apple. Since the announcement of the changes to the T&C of iOS14, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has embarked on a vast campaign of seduction to convince users that ad targeting is beneficial for them… while attacking the new Apple policy head-on. Concretely, if companies will still be able to collect data from Internet users for advertising purposes, iOS 14 users will have to regularly renew their consent. A situation that could make Facebook lose a lot of money, most of whose income is based on the sale of this advertising data.

Launched in a real crusade against the Apple, Facebook continues to insist that the new privacy policy of iOS 14 will be “Devastating” for small businesses. However, according to some experts, the figures cited by Mark Zuckerberg’s company would be largely wrong. Cited in the Harvard Business Review, two specialists believe that Facebook’s assertion that small businesses “Will see a reduction of more than 60% of their sales”, would potentially be overestimated: “This number could involve different industries, different companies, different times, and different places. In these cases, the comparison of Facebook would not mean much ”.

Another figure probably erroneous advanced by Facebook in its anti-Apple war, that according to which 40% of small and medium-sized businesses have started or increased the use of targeted advertising during a period of confinement. If the argument brought forward by the web giant aims to support the fact that Apple’s new policy is particularly damaging during the period of Covid-19, it is, again, largely overestimated. According to the Harvard Business Review, the study on which this argument is based had indeed targeted only nine industrial sectors, asking them whether they had increased the use of targeted advertising during the pandemic. The sector with the highest increase recorded an increase of only 34%. For experts, “Facebook apparently picked the data that best supported its case, and then increased the value of those numbers by a third. Misinformation about the effectiveness of targeted advertising is not the best way to achieve its ends ”. For its part, Facebook has not yet commented on this report, but is already considering sue apple.

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