Galaxy Watch 3 Update – neue Features inkl. SmartThings Find-Support

Samsung is starting with the rollout of the software update for the Galaxy Watch 3. In addition to various system improvements, there are also some new features available.

Galaxy Watch 3 update brings many new features including SmartThings Find support

The rollout of the 74 MB update with the version number R840XXU1BUA8 has just started in the USA and South Korea and, as always, will be available worldwide in the next few weeks. The new software is downloaded and installed as usual via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.

One of the new features stands out in particular: the Samsung SmartThings Find feature. This makes it possible to find a lost or misplaced Smartwatch via the associated app. No LTE connection is required for location determination. At least not if other compatible Samsung devices are in the vicinity of the Galaxy Watch 3, because then the connection to them is established.

The addition of a new walking challenge is also interesting. Here you can compete against your friends and start a small competition. In addition, other fitness programs should be on board and the automatic workout detection should work faster after the update. Another inclusion is the hand washing mode, which many wearables have added in response to the pandemic. The timer automatically starts when the wearer washes his hands.

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