Google Maps tests a simpler layout to help you plan a route

The Google team is testing a new layout to simplify the way route options are displayed on Maps.

Google Maps on Android has many functions and information to plan a trip taking into account different routes. However, sometimes so much information can be irrelevant to the user, and even confusing.

To facilitate this process, Google Maps is showing a new interface in test mode with a more minimalist design, as mentioned in Xda Developers.

Google Maps tests a simpler interface for route options

The new interface focuses on the basic and most important data of the user request: the current location and the destination point, as you see in the image.

All available means of transport are no longer displayed at the top along with the estimated travel time. Perhaps Google considers that this information will be requested later by the user, taking into account their means of transport.

And of course, the user can see all that information on the map and look for other options to customize some details. For example, if you want to avoid tolls, traffic jams, etc. Perhaps it is a change that users will appreciate, since they will be able to see the relevant information as they request that data.

And on the other hand, it doesn’t overwhelm new users with too many options when they simply want to get to a certain destination. Remember that this is not the only change that Google Maps is testing and that it offers new ways of displaying routes and points of interest.

A few days ago we mentioned that Google Maps was implementing a new view to Street View, which allows you to view the panoramas while still viewing the location on the map on a split screen. An option that we can use according to our preferences, since changing to full screen only depends on one touch.

At the moment, the new Google interface seems to be in testing so we do not know yet if it will be implemented to all users.

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