Self-driving will be the Apple car, you can not drive

The brand is said to launch with a non-market end product.


New day, new Apple Car news, and the increased number of electric car rumors among apples suggests that something is really being made. It can be close on the one hand to Hundai / Kia agreement and investment in U.S. manufacturing in Georgia with a launch in 2024, with 100,000 vehicles in the first year, but Apple MacRumors may also cooperate with General Motors and Group PSA (Peugeot Société Anonyme).

A Kia üzeme Georgia lamllamban - innen gördülhet le az Apple Car a gyártósorokról
Kia’s Georgia plant is where Apple Car can roll off production lines (source: CNBC) [+]

A CNBCand an unnamed source said the first Apple Cart is not designed to be a human driver, but a completely self-driving electric car, focusing on the last kilometers. With the latter, the source can target transportation services that deliver products from the warehouse that arrived at the center to a residential / office address, and Apple may initially focus on food delivery and gather EV and self-driving experience there before launching the robotaxi service. This is what Apple has been up to for two years acquired startup, and is still working with Aptiv to develop related software.

A önvezető szállítójárműve 2019-ből self-propelled transport vehicle from 2019 (source: TechCrunch) [+]

If Apple really starts with food delivery, then Rivian’s delivery car may be the first self-developed verda instead of a sedan, but there is a chance that a passenger car will arrive later, since right now he could have seduced her from Porsche Tim Cook company Dr. Manfred Harrer specialist in charge of the Cayenne series and body. Incidentally, Porsche has a performance-focused sports EV in the person of Taycan, not a forwarder, and in 2016, Apple acquired Alexander Hitzinger, interested in racing, from the Germans. So if Apple really wants to be a competitor to Tesla, it can do so on the passenger car line – that doesn’t mean, of course, that Apple Car will ever be an end product, just as it is possible that Tesla will sooner or later starts producing cheap electric cars for its own fleet.

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