Tiktok presents strategy to combat fake news

As a social network grows, the flow of content that circulates in it is greater. This is the current situation of TikTok, a platform that in the midst of a process of sustained growth, established a mechanism to help filter part of the publications that could contain altered or imprecise data.

Disinformation is a challenge for all massively used social networks, since today it represents a problem both for its developers, as well as for its user community. ByteDance’s flagship platform submitted its answer to this problem.

Data verification comes to TikTok

Every time “unsubstantiated content” is shared on TikTok, the platform will start displaying on-screen warnings. For this, the social network counts PolitiFact, Lead Stories and SciVerify as partners for data checking.

TikTok warning

This initiative was devised and launched together with Irrational Labs, a behavioral science laboratory, an organization with which they had previously worked on other media literacy initiatives, such as the educational video series «Be informed«Produced in association with the National Association for Media Literacy Education. Through those videos they explain the difference between facts and opinions, how to analyze graphics, understand the sources and reflect on whether the content should be shared.

Especially in current times, adequately mastering basic techniques to share quality news information, contributes to the construction of a safer and more welcoming community for everyone in general.

Take into account the warnings or simply not do it, it is up to each user. The display of these notices is not more than a mere notification, as it will not definitively restrict the right to publish. If content is shared without any support, an ethically questionable act, with this measure a greater part of the responsibility is transferred to the users.

The announcement of this initiative was issued through a release. Gina Hernández, Product Manager of TikTok, along with this announcement stated that “We love that the creativity of our community encourages people to share TikTok videos with others who can enjoy them, both within our platform and beyond, but we have designed this feature to help our users be aware of what they share. . In fact, when we tested this approach, we saw viewers decrease their video sharing speed by 24%, while “likes” on this unsubstantiated content also decreased by 7%. “.

The rollout of this program began in the United States and Canada, with its global expansion projected in recent weeks.

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