To practice languages ​​with native speakers and talking about common topics

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has ruined our way of life in every way, including also those who participated in the usual language exchange meetings, scheduled in public places, to improve the level of those languages ​​that they are learning through direct participation through conversations with native speakers.

Fortunately, the push of video calls has succeeded in replacing face-to-face meetings to continue with language learning, as has happened with learning in all senses.

The alternative to language exchanges in times of pandemic

Now also comes Linguaspeak, a new platform with which to find native people with whom practice languages specific issues and talk about common issues.

It is a platform in which users will have to register, having registration through a direct connection with their Facebook account or by filling in a simple form, so that they can then start looking for rooms by languages ​​and desired topics.

If they cannot find it or want to create another, they can also create their own rooms under their own configurations and participation rules, including levels and number of places available.

Linguaspeak also offers the possibility that users can establish a rating of up to five stars to other users according to their respective participations in the rooms in which they are available.

The best thing is that Linguaspeak is offered completely free of charge so that users can practice languages ​​at different levels through the rooms of videochat existing or newly created, together with the use of a practical, simple and modern user interface, so that users can start using the service as soon as they register, with hardly any prior learning curve required.

You just have to bear in mind that this service works only through web browsers, lacking mobile applications, with a clear focus on its use on desktop computers, according to the screenshots offered by the service on its home page.

In any case, Linguaspeak wants users to be able to improve the fluency of the new languages ​​they are learning according to the objectives they have set.

For now, being a completely new platform, there are hardly a few rooms in which to enter and participate, although it will be a matter of time, and before it becomes more known among the interested public, so that Linguaspeak is very useful.

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