5 New Android Games You Should Try

A new list of video games for Android mobiles lands in our newsroom. And how could it be otherwise, we find 5 most interesting installments.

These titles that will be presented have all the points in favor (playability, game options and other things) to get a chance to be tested. So without further ado, these are the free alternatives that we have for you.

Although this title has been in the video game business for a couple of years, so far it is that the Android mobile version has finally arrived. This mainly because of the time it took for the team to reach the point of outside comparable to the version for computers.

Trading card video game MtG really follows the same rules than the physical card game, so this allows us to know what we can find inside. It can be downloaded for free, although there are purchases and offers included within the game.

Pink is the latest installment from video game developer Bart Bonte, who once again presents a puzzle with the theme of colors, this time it is pink. Basically the game consists of 50 levels, which are logic puzzles that you will have to solve, so this gives you an idea of ​​what needs to be completed. It is also free to download and you can find it on Google Play.

Video games with a Plants vs Zombies theme and style are still certainly relevant within stores like Google Play. In Mystic Hammer there are a kind of lanes, as in Plants vs Zombies, where the waves of enemies will have to be stopped let them come to destroy the towers that you defend.

Good plot and up to 50 levels is what can be found within this game, which is completely free, without ads and without in-app purchases.

You couldn’t need a first-person shooter video game, and this is where 321 Shootout is present, a rather nice graphics game developed by Tobias Hendricks. To play it will be required to have quite fast reflexes, in order to not be shot down by enemies who try to bring us down and vice versa. It is free and has integrated purchasing options.

Finally, we present another puzzle called Hidden Lands, in which visual puzzles must be solved, in addition to participating in some hidden object mechanics. It has infinite levels to play and also the possibility of discover up to 3 ancient civilizations, while all the missions that the game has for you are completed.

Your advertising can become annoying after a while, not to mention that does not have an introduction to put the players in context, but those would be the only negative points of it.

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