Aqara is launching a new G3 camera including a hub, but not for HomeKit

Aqara launches a new camera that also doubles as a hub. The camera is an intelligent network camera that you can use as a pet or baby cam or to stalk your family, for example. Information on a new model has now appeared in the depths of the Internet under the name G3.

Aqara G3 unfortunately without HomeKit function


The camera models Aqara G2 and G2H are currently available for purchase. As the letter H suggests, the G2H model can be integrated into HomeKit. Therefore, it could be interpreted from the new model name G3 that Aqara G3 will not offer HomeKit support. However, it cannot be ruled out that a HomeKit-compatible device with the designation G3H will be launched at a later date. Aqara devices can communicate via ZigBee 3.0. You will probably have to be patient, as Aqara only recently launched the G2 and G2H.

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