[Bon plan] The Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 goes to 27 € thanks to this promo code

The Mijia Video Doorbell 2 is a very good connected doorbell for your household. The experience is all the more beneficial thanks to the Xiaomi ecosystem. The latter is available in promotion on Gearbest thanks to a promo code!

If you are looking for a connected doorbell, this good deal is just right. The Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 will be able to fulfill all your desires and will perform perfectly for many years to come. Although she is small, do not neglect the Mijia Video Doorbell 2. She will be able to become an excellent assistant and will activate as soon as she catches people in front of your door or the entrance gate of your home. It is available on Gearbest at the price of 27 € thanks to the code E5E78B06C1153001.

Take advantage of the 27 € offer on Gearbest

Whether you are present in your own home, at the park or even at work, the Xiaomi Mijia Doorbell 2 will be your third eye. It will come to film as soon as the connected doorbell detects a presence thanks to the various sensors. As soon as an event arises in front of it, it will record the first ten seconds in a dedicated cloud. Besides this very interesting feature in order to leave quietly, you can set it so that it continuously records what is happening. Continuous recording reduces AAAA battery life to two months compared to four months for a ten second recording.

Another feature that works in particular thanks to Xiaomi’s ecosystem, the Al Link. As soon as someone rings the bell, you can communicate with them or see them through your Xiaomi devices. Compatible connected speakers can be used to communicate with the person outside. Your smartphone, tablet or even your television will allow you to see and identify that person. Moreover, the Mijia Video Doorbell 2 has a functionality similar to Face ID. She will come to recognize the person thanks to the camera and tell you who is waiting for you behind the door. As for this feature, it is chargeable and will require a supplement.

You will be able to communicate through microphones and loudspeakers with your delivery person so that he leaves your package at the entrance while monitoring him. Everything can be done from the application dedicated to the Xiaomi Mijia Video Doorbell 2 or from another Xiaomi device. To have the full benefit of this ecosystem, we advise you to use at least one Xiomi product, however, any other device will do. Head over to Gearbest where you can get your hands on this connected doorbell at the price of 27 € thanks to the code E5E78B06C1153001.

Take advantage of the 27 € offer on Gearbest

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