GoldenEye 007: The Never-Released Xbox 360 Remake Now Playable!

It is now possible to play the Xbox 360 remake of GoldenEye 007 on your PC! The classic N64 with graphics optimized for the Microsoft console has never been commercially available.

Credit: John Linneman
Credit: John Linneman

Nostalgic gamers who know where to look can now grab the ROM of the never-before-released remake GoldenEye 007 for Xbox 360, to play with an emulator like Xenia. The file contains the single player part of the game, as well as local multiplayer (online multiplayer and rankings are missing). As a bonus, it is possible to switch between Xbox graphics and N64 graphics (and vice versa) at the push of a button!

A mythical game

The development of the game was very advanced when in 2008 it was finally canceled. The reason was never given, but it seems that insoluble rights problems ended up killing the project: indeed difficult to agree between Microsoft (owner of the studio Rare, the developer of the original game) , Nintendo and Eon, which owns the rights to the James Bond cinema license. Without forgetting that the actors also had to give their authorization to exploit their image again.

This remake has more or less become an urban legend, and it regularly appeared in the news. In 2016 for example, a gameplay video has resurfaced. The game was intended for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and obviously a lot of graphics work was done by the developers.

GoldenEye is a golden franchise in the video game industry. The game for N64 is a benchmark in the world of FPS, and despite the imbroglio of rights, Activision managed to release a remake for Wii in 2010 (which actually looked more like a game). Call of Duty). There is also a remake of the online multi mode which uses Valve’s Source engine, which fans can download here.

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