Microsoft Teams adds a new way to express yourself in video calls

Microsoft Teams is adding a new option so that users can express themselves during video calls.

The Microsoft team has been adding features to Teams that help users relax during video calls, and not see them as such a formal means of communication. Following this line, you are now integrating live reactions.

Microsoft Teams adds live reactions

Microsoft Teams It has tons of features that allow users to customize the dynamics of their video calls to different contexts. So they can easily create a space for teamwork, online classes or just to communicate with our friends.

However, not all users are comfortable expressing themselves in video calls, nor is it easy to ask that everyone be able to express themselves in large meetings. To facilitate this in different contexts, you are adding the option of live reactions.

Yes, they are emojis that can be used in real time while a video conference is taking place. These emojis will be visible in a floating control so that users can use it at any time during the meeting. But instead of going out in a text chat, they will appear floating on the screen.

For example, if your boss is giving new instructions on a project, your team will be able to use live reactions to express that they understood or agree. Or if it’s news, then you can use the applause or heart emojis to show that the news is to your liking.

And of course, they can be useful to encourage during a presentation, support a motion, ask questions, among many other situations. So with a simple glance, the creator of the meeting will be able to see the reactions of his entire team without having everyone take the floor, or the meeting is interrupted.

And they can also become an interesting option for those who are shy and do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of the camera.

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