This 80 GB package without obligation is back at 4.99 euros per month

Good news, since it is always possible to save money on your mobile plan! Today we learn that the virtual operator NRJ mobile is breaking the prices for its 80 GB package, which comes to the same price (4.99 euros per month) as during its January promotion.

Until February 10, 2021, the Woot 80 GB package benefits from a nice reduction for 6 months. While it is usually offered at 16.99 euros, it now comes down to 4,99 euros per month. It’s pretty comprehensive and it’s currently one of the best value for money you can find.

Find the NRJ Mobile 80 GB package at 4.99 euros, for 6 months

The NRJ Mobile 80 GB package in detail

Here are the details of this NRJ mobile plan, and what it includes:

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, the EU and the overseas departments
  • 80 GB of data in 4G
  • 8 GB of mobile data in Europe / DOM
  • Without engagement

As a reminder, NRJ mobile is a virtual operator directly connected to the 3 main historical French suppliers. Depending on your location, a network will be automatically assigned to you among SFR, Bouygues and Orange. To receive your triple cut SIM card, you will have to pay an additional 10 euros when ordering.

The package in question costs you 4.99 euros for 6 months, then it will return to its usual price of 16.99 euros per monthly payment thereafter. It is quite simply one of the best value for money around, and it is non-binding, which means that you can choose to unsubscribe whenever you want, and above all at no additional cost. We are used to NRJ mobile, we find a very complete offer with SMS, MMS as well as unlimited calls in mainland France and from Europe and the overseas departments.

But the biggest argument of this mobile plan lies in the size of its envelope, here 80 GB of 4G data. With it, you can watch videos, download games, music or surf the Internet all day long without really worrying about your ceiling. And then, if you exceed the limit, you will not be billed with out of bundle, but you will suffer from a slightly reduced speed.

Occasional travelers are also targeted, since the offer is usable abroad, it turns out in the holidays themselves rather interesting. The virtual operator offers you 8 GB of mobile data for Europe as well as for the overseas departments, which avoids you having to subscribe to another operator during your stay. The 27 countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and 8 overseas regions are concerned.

Find the NRJ Mobile 80 GB package at 4.99 euros, for 6 months

The RIO (Operator Identity Record) is a unique identifier, composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers), which will be requested by the operator with whom you wish to subscribe. To get it, all you need to do is call 3179. A voice server will then tell you your commitment end date, as well as the RIO number of your line. Note that an SMS will be automatically sent to you with all the information communicated by the voice server.

The mobile plan offers and promotions, that’s not what is lacking and that’s good: we don’t have the same needs, the same requirements and the same budget. Some people are looking for the lowest rate at all costs, others for maximum mobile data, a no-obligation plan, limited for the youngest, the possibility of affording a new smartphone… To find the perfect fit, you just have to essential to go through the box: what do I really need and what are my financial limits?

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