How to create maps for role-playing games easily and for free

If you are a loyal fan of role-playing games, or also known as RPGs, then surely you have wondered at some point if it is possible to create the maps to be able to venture into a delivery.

Well, if you still have this curiosity today, this time we present Dungeon Map Doodler, an interesting tool that allows you to create RPG maps from scratch through these simple options.

In this Adobe Illustrator of maps for role-playing games, from a blank sheet you can create a map completely created by you, and for this you can create and modify passageways, dead-end streets, structures, labyrinths and much more.

At first glance it can be a bit difficult to understand what each tool is for, and the best we can recommend is that you follow the trial and error method, since only then will you know what you were looking for. The first thing we will find if we click on any blank space are the well-known grids, which allow us to keep track of how the map is looking.

When you start to shape the map, you can use the tools of lines, polygons, curves or even a show of hands to trace the routes. It is important to mention that each of the tools has different versions in order to show different results, which is why we once again emphasize the phrase of trial and error.

The best example of comparison that this program can have is Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and therefore people who handle these programs well will most likely feel free to experiment in Dungeon Map Doodler. And once you have the finished project, you have the option of saving and / or exporting it in PNG, JPG or BMP format.

Then we leave a link so that you can access the official website of the platform and use it to measure your creation skills.

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