Niagara Launcher, tool to navigate and access your phone’s applications with one hand

When talking about smartphones, the increase in the screen of these devices in recent years is remarkable. This with the purpose of providing users with a better experience when viewing and creating multimedia content from their smartphones.

However, with regard to software, up to now a tool had not been implemented that would allow the user to surf for one-handed applications.

This is where Android has a great advantage, since it offers its users the possibility of doing this with the help of third-party applications.

That’s right, it is Niagara Launcher, an application that works in your favor by providing comfort to the home screen of your smartphone in order to improve its usability. And, after 4 years in the development process along with a two-year beta stage, the launch of Niagara Launcher has finally been completed.

When it starts, Niagara Launcher displays a home screen that is distinguished by its minimalist appearance. In it, the user will be able to access all the phone’s applications easily, thus ruling out the presentation of the applications in drawers that may be prone to scattering on the screen.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher makes use of an alphabetic sidebar that makes the applications available to you in a single step. The simplicity in the use of this application lies in the possibility that it offers to be activated from the lower half of the screen.

However, if your thing is to navigate on the phone through the use of gestures, it is likely that you accidentally activate the back action, making it take a little time to get used to the navigation mode that Niagara Launcher offers you.

One particularity of Niagara Launcher is that it allows you to select your favorite applications, which will remain available to you at all times from the home screen, adding those applications most used to the end of the list.

Added to this, you can activate the swipe up gesture in case you want to search for the application you need to open by entering its name.

You can get it in this link.

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