Soon a second generation for the Magic Leap mixed reality headset

Magic Leap is expected to launch the second generation of its mixed reality headset by the end of the year. According to the first information available, there will be no big changes, but welcome improvements.

Crédit : Magic Leap
Crédit : Magic Leap

After promising mountains and wonders in terms of augmented reality for the general public, the manufacturer Magic Leap branched off last year to the business sector. A change of foot which should allow him to find a little more success, but where he will have to fight against Microsoft which is already trying to impose itself there with the HoloLens.

Pivot towards the company

To nibble on market share, Magic Leap is preparing the second generation of its helmet to look like (big) glasses, including the first version dates back to 2018. During a Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in Riyadh, the new CEO Peggy Johnson lifted a tiny corner of the veil on the new model. He will be ” 50% smaller, 20% lighter, and with a 100% wider field of view ».

If we take the first generation of the helmet, the future model should therefore weigh around 250 grams (instead of 316 grams). If the CEO is talking about the total area, the field of view could be 100 degrees in all. Improved capabilities that will be welcomed as they will allow greater immersion and simpler use.

The Magic Leap device, which works with a wired module to carry on the body (in addition to the headset around the head), has a lot of work to beat Microsoft at its own game. From the outset, the HoloLens was designed for them. needs of companies and industry and its creator thought of the professional uses upstream which agree with the existing tools and software of Microsoft.

Not only does Magic Leap have to upgrade in terms of hardware, but also to succeed in its pivot towards a market whose needs are very different from that of general public users.

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