An artificial island that generates green energy

green Island

Denmark will build an artificial island capable of generating so much clean energy that it could meet the energy needs of 10 million homes across Europe

Announced by the Danish Energy Agency few hours ago, an artificial island in the North Sea, 50 miles off the coast of the Jutland peninsula, measuring 120,000 square meters capable of supplying 10 GW.

The artificial island will receive, store and transmit energy from wind farms near the coast thanks to an investment of around 34 billion dollars, but it will only be operational by 2033.

The island is expected to host a ‘green fuel’ plant that can then be shipped to Denmark. It is likely an extension of the Danish plan to use surplus wind energy to run an electrolyzer to extract hydrogen from seawater without CO2 emissions. And Denmark, which is one of the largest oil producers in the European Union, hopes to use this island to help revamp its own energy industry.

One of the country’s goals is to stop extracting fossil fuels entirely by 2050 and it has already stopped offering tenders to companies for future exploration.

The area is at a favorable point in the North Sea, and because of the shallow depth, it is easy and inexpensive to build marine turbines. In 2015, strong winds allowed the country to generate 140 percent of its total energy demand, which it then sold to neighboring countries.

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