Clubhouse in China was the solution to escape censorship

Chinese Internet users were flocking to Clubhouse, the new social network, currently only for the iPhone, which has audio as its main communication pillar.

Chubhouse was being used to freely discuss taboo subjects in the country, such as mass detention of Uighurs, protests for democracy in Hong Kong and the concept of Taiwanese independence.

It is already known that in China access to international social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is highly controlled, but for a few days the Clubhouse had eluded the censors, until now.

The guest-only US audio application allows users to listen to and participate in freely moderated live conversations in digital “rooms.” These rooms were filling up with Chinese users speaking on issues such as the widespread incarceration of Uighur minority communities, mostly Muslim, in the western region of Xinjiang.

Phrases like “this is my first time connecting to the real Internet” appeared in conversations, increasingly common due to the fact that invitations can be purchased for about $ 1.5 in Chinese online marketplaces.

It’s important to note that the fact that the Clubhouse, which launched in May last year and is currently only available on Apple devices, could only be accessed by the wealthiest Chinese consumers, so the topic of the talks is not the one that would be had in the most popular streets of the country.

Many international journalists were trying to use the application to obtain information on sensitive matters in the country, bypassing the typical censorship on other networks. Now it is too late, the censorship has arrived and the app is no longer available.

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