[Etude] 38% of French people would prefer not to have the right to speak all day rather than go without a phone

Saturday February 6 was World Mobile Free Day. Confinement or not, many of you cannot do without your laptop for 24 hours. But are the French really addicted to their phones? Recommerce, specializing in refurbished smartphones, surveyed 1,000 French people to find out more about the relationship they have with their mobile phone.

Who are the French most addicted to their phones?

21% of French people say they are completely addicted to their phone and unable to do without it for a day. 24% even admit that they would feel a real lack if they had to part with it for 24 hours.

But this attachment seems to depend on the generation to which one belongs! And for generation Z who grew up with a phone in their hand, it is difficult to cut the cord… This is how 40% of under 18s confess that they cannot part with their phone for more than 5 minutes compared to 30 % of millennials.

The over 35s have a slightly less unconditional love for their cellphones. Indeed, 43% of 35-54 year olds and 65% of over 55s claim to be able to cut themselves off without too much problem.

38% of respondents would prefer not to have the right to speak for 24 hours rather than spending a day without a phone

When it comes to the choice of dilemmas, we realize that the French are ready to do a lot of things so as not to be separated from their smartphone …

Indeed, if they had to choose:

  • 38% of respondents would rather not have the right to talk all day rather than go without a phone
  • 29% of them even prefer to have dinner with their in-laws
  • 20% would even be ready to go without food
  • 13% would spend a whole day with their worst enemy

But if the French are so attached to their phone, it is for a good reason: 77% fear missing a call from a loved one if they do not have their phone nearby for a whole day! A more feminine than masculine concern since it concerns 82% of women against 77% of men!

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