Ironhack, to start a career in technology, from scratch, with no previous experience

In recent months, there are many people who are restarting their professional careers in search of opportunities that better adapt to the new normal, and it is clear that the world of technology is a great opportunity.

Web Development, UX / UI Design, Cybersecurity and Data Analysis are four of the pillars of new professional opportunities, and today we will talk about an excellent way to grow in this sector with intensive bootcamps.

We are talking about Ironhack, a technology school that offers courses in Europe, the United States and South America, as well as online courses so that they can be carried out remotely. They offer bootcamps and courses, helping more than 8,000 students from around the world who have managed to transform themselves into professionals with specific skills in the technology sector.

What Ironhack offers

The way of teaching, and consequently that of learning, is what makes Ironhack a different option, a solution that guarantees that we will be able to have the necessary knowledge to work on the same day of completion of the course.

It is possible to choose between several forms of study. We can choose to study full time for 9 weeks, or spread the effort over 24 weeks. They will not be theoretical projects or paper problems, you work on real projects, without the need for previous experience.

Ironhack courses and bootcamps also have the support of a network of more than 300 companies that professionally support students, expanding their possibility of finding employment in any of them (there are many companies interested in training their future employees from scratch) . Among the companies that have already hired Ironhackers we have Google, Visa, Twitter, Orange … the list is endless.

What can we learn with Ironhack

It is possible from learning programming and working remotely on international projects to dedicating yourself to Web Development or IT security. Among the options we have to study to be a developer and obtain knowledge of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS to create web applications, or dedicate ourselves to Design Thinking, or Big Data … the areas of specialization are focused on what is currently sought in the market .

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