Measurement of video transmission capacity arrives in the SpeedTest app

Every time we spend more and more hours consuming videos transmitted from the Internet through different devices, but we are still not obtaining an optimal experience, even though we can have the best possible Internet connection, so we can begin to find out with the new function the SpeedTest.

Starting on iOS and then moving to other platforms, the SpeedTest app now has a test dedicated to the performance of the video streaming experience from Internet.

Since Ookla, the company behind this application, argue for the need to incorporate a specific and independent test by the possibility that Internet access providers can carry out traffic prioritization with respect to other types of online services, despite the fact that the general speed of the network also influences the quality of the videos transmitted.

To know if the performance of the videos is below the possibilities

This can lead to the performance of the videos may be different compared to the use with other online services, to which is added the fact that the new function tries to make a measurement as precise as possible by means of the real reproduction of a video, considering that it is usually offered under adaptive bit technology, in which the quality is adapted of the videos according to the conditions of the Internet connection itself.

This new feature it will allow users to know if the videos are offered below the maximum quality that can offer the same device, serving as a sufficient argument when requesting explanations from the Internet provider itself to improve the quality of the contracted line.

Ookla also takes into account the possibility that at a certain time, a specific video service may experience technical problems, so it invites users to also consult its other platform Downdetector to verify if that service has an open incident before starting any process with the shift operator.

The new function is available from its corresponding tab at the bottom. Parallel to the video quality test, Speedtest now has a small reorganization in its app for iOS to make it more functional.

Users can find these news through the new version of Speedtest for iOS, now available on the Apple App Store.

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