Trends in design for 2021, in vectors, icons, photos and mockups

Social networks, billboards, websites … the design adapts to the different channels to attract the attention of customers, adopting lines and setting trends that change every year.

One more time since Freepik, we have the 2021 trends, and it is worth analyzing them carefully to understand how this sector will move in the coming months.

In your page They have published the trends in vectors, in photographs, in mockups, in icons and in colors.

When we talk vector We see that the 3D elements, the Cartoon style and the black and white will be taken, a mixture of past and present that can be very inspiring.

icon trends

In the photography It will highlight the interest in innovative perspectives and representations of past eras, we continue with the nostalgic touch that we saw in the vectors. There will be a lot of minimalism, a lot of aerial view, so that it is the imagination that completes the content.

trends in photography

And mockups They will also highlight clean and minimalist spaces, with pastel colors, straight lines and eco content.

trends in mockups

By last, in icons, we will see many vibrant colors, smooth transitions and geometric shapes, also highlighting the 3D, as in vectors.

icon trends

You can see examples of all these elements and trends in this link, where they put links in each section so that we can obtain more information with illustrations of all kinds.

Freepik and Flaticon are two of the protagonists in the visual world on the Internet, offering resources of all kinds for many years. This type of trend summaries not only indicate what they will offer on their portal, they also help us to know what we should bet on when we face a new job where design is a fundamental part.

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