Twitter shuffles subscription options to reduce its dependence on advertising

Advertising is not giving Twitter the desired performance so that it can grow at a good pace, so from the blue bird platform they are looking for formulas that allow them to have recurring and stable income that allows them to reduce their dependence on advertising.

To have a better understanding of the situation, the advertising business on Twitter has grown less compared to rivals like Snap or Facebook Inc, according to EMarketer, where Twitter does not even reach 1% of the global online advertising market.

Testing future income streams seeking stability

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it, but now there’s a new report from Bloomberg in which some of the possibilities that are currently being considered for their integration under a subscription model, according to sources close, who have wished to remain anonymous.

Among the possible options is one that would be under the code name “Rogue One”, of which nothing else is known. The fact that be able to pay other users to access exclusive content, which could be implemented in different ways.

On the table there is also the idea of ​​offering an advertising-free feed, although this option entails risks for the company’s advertising business, although charging for the use of TweetDeck, by obtaining higher quality videos, by more advanced analytical metrics, or even for new account customization options.

Along the way, the verification of user accounts is ruled out, which allows certain users to be highlighted throughout the platform, although at the moment it is unknown if the company plans to establish some type of charge for the future verification of company accounts.

For Bruce Falck, responsible for economic matters of Twitter, the company is looking for permanent income options over time, thus reducing dependence on the ups and downs of the advertising market, and current considerations are part of a early exploration, without determining the way forward for the moment, and in no case will it represent significant income for this year.

It so happens that this news comes a few days after the acquisition of the Revue newsletter platform, although at the moment the company’s plans are unknown, despite the fact that at some point it came to consider paid newsletters, and even user tips were tested through Periscope, which will soon cease to exist.

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