Adaptive Lighting brings new firmware

It has only been a few days since selected Nanoleaf beta testers were equipped with new firmware that contained the Adaptive Lighting (HomeKit function). This is now available to all users.

Adaptive Lighting brings new firmware for Nanoleaf Essentials

With firmware version, Nanoleaf is now distributing the Adaptive Lighting for the Essentials series, currently consisting of an E27 solution A60 and a Lightstrip. This new firmware ensures that the advertised function will finally work. It has been on the packaging for a long time, but it has not yet functioned.

With this HomeKit function, lamps automatically adjust the color temperature during the day. In the morning, the Nanoleaf Essentials automatically shine with a cooler white and reduce the blue components in the evening. After the update you will find Adaptive Lighting as an additional setting in the color settings of the light source.

With an update of the Nanoleaf app, there is another function: The light sources now also support color scenes. You can apply your Nanoleaf scenes to your essentials and create a “play of colors”. Several colors including small animations can be displayed at the same time.

Do you use the Adaptive Lighting function or can you safely do without it? To be honest, I can’t get anything out of that so far.

If you want to exchange ideas on the topic, have a look at our “Smart lighting group”On Facebook. There you will find a huge community with whom you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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