Fitbit announces several new health features

The company specializing in connected watches has just announced support for several new health features, including blood sugar monitoring to help diabetics.

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Recently acquired by Google, Fitbit has just announced the arrival of several new health-related features on its application. First notable innovation, the company will now allow owners of Charge 4, Inspire 2 and Versa 2 view their 7-day tracking log for free via the Health Metrics dashboard. A possibility until then reserved for owners of Sense and Versa 3. Users based in the United States, Canada and New Zealand will also be able to use the ECG functionality to track their atrial fibrillation directly from the app. Finally, all Charge 4 owners will be offered a free update, which will then allow them to check their blood oxygenation directly from their wrist.

For premium users, Fitbit will also offer a extended trend tracking up to 30 days on Health Metrics. For its part, the monitoring table will always allow you to consult the monitoring of its respiratory and heart rate, as well as oxygen saturation, and body temperature.

Blood glucose monitoring

Finally, Fitbit announced the arrival of a new tool across the Atlantic intended to facilitate the monitoring of blood sugar levels on its connected watches. A particularly useful feature for managing diabetes, which affects more than one in three people in the United States. Thus, the Fitbit application will allow you to directly monitor your blood sugar level, without having to go through third-party software. However, it will be necessary tomanually enter your daily blood sugar level, the tool is only used to monitor the long-term glycemic trend, and to set reminders regularly. The tool will be deployed during the month of February, only in the United States.


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