Man swallows an Apple AirPod while sleeping

The story is told by Bradford Gauthier on his Facebook page. The American thought everything was fine when he woke up on another normal morning, but the difficulty in drinking water would have puzzled him.

“Here’s one for the record books. I woke up this morning, I felt good, but when I tried to drink a glass of water it didn’t come down. I felt something wrong and a lot of pressure on my chest, but I thought that my throat was dry or I had been shoveling snow the night before ”, he starts by writing in the publication.

Man swallowed Apple’s AirPod while sleeping

The problem came when he missed one of his Bluetooth headsets. “I looked for my AirPods that I used last night when I went to bed and I only managed to find one after browsing the room,” he says.

Story told in the first person by Gauthier
Story told in the first person by Bradford Gauthier

The Worcester, Massachusetts, resident would not find the second AirPod as it was housed inside his esophagus. He had to perform an emergency endoscopy to remove the gadget, and left the warning.

“Be careful when listening to music with wireless earphones when you fall asleep. You never know where they can end up, ”he admits. In the same publication, which you can see above, there is also an x-ray photograph to prove the situation.

After ensuring that everything was fine with Bradfod Gauthier, the curiosity arose as to whether the gadget had resisted. “It works, but only half the volume. It definitely took with a good amount of water. I hope that when it dries back to work perfectly ”, he replied.

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