now officially the introduction of the light and dark mode

Today Amazon confirms the introduction of the Light and dark mode in the Alexa app. I already had you guys 4 days ago about the new display in the Alexa app informed. There is another new feature with the update.

Alexa App – light and dark mode and adjustment of the font size

I had already noticed in the iOS app a few days ago that a Light and dark mode in the Alexa app has been published. This mode is based on the settings on your iPhone / iPad and cannot be selected manually. I would say a step backwards, because I generally use the light mode on my iPhone. In white the app takes getting used to and if I had the choice, I would prefer to use it in the old blue, or at least in the color black. To do this, however, it is necessary to set the mode of the entire iPhone to “dark”, which I don’t like with the app view.

Now today Amazon officially reports in the press the introduction of the Light and dark mode for iOS. Global distribution has started and Android users will soon receive this display. Amazon would like to have the complete rollout of the update completed by the end of the month.

One of the innovations that I haven’t noticed so far is also this Introduction of the scalable font size. So that users can use Alexa even better, Amazon has optimized the Alexa app and the existing one with the text scaling Accessibility increased: If the font size on a device is set larger than the standard, users now also see larger text on most screens in the Alexa app, which is adjusted proportionally to the preferred accessibility settings at the operating system level.

Amazon Alexa app now supports light and dark mode

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