Siri allows you to save a standard music app

Apple continues to open its “Siri” voice assistant to third-party providers and allows a standard music service such as Spotify to be stored. So you can simply leave out the additional information “with Spotify” in the future.

Selection of the standard music app for Siri possible

In the beta of iOS 14.5, users can define a standard app for music for the first time. If you choose to play a music track or playlist by voice command, Siri asks the first time which installed music app you want to use for it. So Spotify & Co can be stored as a standard service and you save yourself the annoying addition to mention it every time.

By the way, this applies not only to the music app, but also to podcasts. If you have completely deleted the music app from your device, Siri starts the music directly from Spotify or another installed player.

However, there is still a small catch. In contrast to the standard mail app or the standard browser app, there is currently no setting option to change the service again. Since the feature has not yet been officially announced, and the beta version is in a very early stage, I assume that this option will still be created. Of course, it is also possible that this feature will not be delivered with iOS version 14.5 at all, but only at a later date.

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