They manage to bring an unofficial version of Android 10 to Nintendo Switch

There are those who are not satisfied with what each technological device can do as standard, seeking to jump the limits of it to obtain extra possibilities in an unofficial way. In this sense, the SwitchRoot team, which at the time managed to bring Android 8.1 to Nintendo Switch, they now come with an update to their mod allowing Android 10 to be brought to this popular video game console.

As explained from XDA Developers, the version of Android 10 that they managed to bring to Nintendo Switch is based on the version of LineageOS 17.1 for NVIDIA SHIELD TV, with an interesting list of improvements over the previous version.

Taking Nintendo Switch consoles to a new level

Keep in mind that this mod does not invalidate the possibility of playing the original Nintendo Switch games, but rather allows access to the complete catalog of games available on the Google Play Store, considering that Android 10 runs directly from a microSD card.

Also note that some SHIELD games will not be supported, and there may be some things that may not work well on the device either, such as bluetooth audio. Despite this, this will allow many other possibilities beyond being able to reach more games, such as the possibility of watching your favorite series through Netflix or even listening to music with Spotify, to name a few of them, which gives an idea of the extent to which a console can offer much more than it actually does.

In this sense, the SwitchRoot team has developed two versions of Android 10 for Nintendo Switch, with a compilation that offers a standard Android tablet experience, which has support for all applications, and is the one they mostly advise, and a compilation based on Android TV which has limited application support.

Behind this mod is a fairly extensive list of improvements, which far exceeds the possible errors that users may encounter when running this version of Android 10 on their consoles.

In addition, its mod is not compatible with those consoles that have the new Nintendo chipsets or with battery updates, so it completely eliminates the Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. Those who want to know if their Switch device is compatible, can be sure from this web.

And those who wish to test the mod on their devices, can follow the instructions, at their own risk, through the guide and links that will be available through the forum de XDA Developers.

Image Credit: XDA Developers

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