Zoom adds effects to change your appearance in video calls

While Zoom became an essential tool for teamwork in times of a pandemic, it also earned a place as one of the favorite options for communicating with friends and family.

So little by little he was adding functions that turn video calls into a little more fun and not so formal meetings. For example, one of the experimental options that seems to be reaching all users is the one that allows applying facial effects.

So you can change your face in Zoom video calls

If you want to improvise a funny video call with your family or surprise your friends with your crazy things, you can use “Studio Effects”. A new feature that is appearing in the accounts of Zoom.

As mentioned in TCThis option was announced last year as part of “Study Effect”, but it seems to be spreading to more users these days. What is it about? This function, which is part of the video filters, gives you a series of elements to “edit” your face and apply eyebrows, mustaches, lip color, etc.


To enjoy this new option you just have to follow a few steps. Open your Zoom account, go to Settings and go to the “Background and Filters” section. You will see this option at the bottom of the window as “Studio Effects”, and once you select it, it will ask for your permission to download the effects pack for your videos.

The dynamics are very simple, you just have to choose the options you like and test how they look on the screen. You can apply different brow shapes, add opacity, or try different colors. And the same process can be done when choosing a beard and mustache style, or applying a color to the lips.

And of course, you can change the effects as many times as you want or reset the settings to remove all the changes. And a bonus that this function adds is that it allows you to save the effect settings you choose to apply them automatically in future meetings.

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