Command center for controlling the smart home planned

According to some reports on the net, Amazon is probably planning the next coup after the Echo Show devices, Amazon Alexa should hang on larger displays on the wall and be used to control the smart home. The largest variant probably gets a 13 inch display.

Amazon Alexa on the wall in two different sizes

So far, the Echo Show devices have been available in various sizes up to 10 inches (Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Show 10), but both are floor-standing devices. That should be loud Bloomberg change soon. Amazon is probably developing a new Echo device with a large one Touchscreenthat attaches to the wall and is available as a Smart home control, Video chat device and Media player serves.

The device should be used as a digital command center that shows the user upcoming calendar events, controls accessories such as lights, sockets or the TV and plays music and videos. Of course, the device would also have Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, as well as the necessary microphones and a camera for video conferences.

The “tablet” for the wall will be available in two different sizes, a small version with 10 inches and a larger version with a 13 inch display.

The device is expected to come onto the market by the end of this year or in 2022, as Bloomberg probably wants to have heard from insiders. So it’s still pretty unclear how far the development has progressed. If you speculate about the name, it could be Echo Wall 10 / Echo Wall 13 ring.

First of all, the second 10 inch display will probably be released at the end of February. The Echo Show 10 was already briefly available for pre-order in Germany on December 31, 2020 and February 25 is indicated on the Amazon page in the USA.

How about you Would you hang up a tablet to control it or would you rather do everything directly by voice command? I think there could be added value if you could directly visualize the apartment with all rooms and devices and read and switch the status of the individual devices.

The Echo Show 10 starts on February 25th

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