Facebook has started developing its own Clubhouse, report says

It is more than known that Facebook wants to offer its users those services that they receive through rival applications, and with Clubhouse it will not be an exception, nor was it with so many other applications and functions that the company has been replicating as Over time, the most blatant being the copy of Snapchat’s ephemeral stories feature.

Clubhouse is currently being the fashionable application, available at the moment by invitation, since it is in beta, and only for iOS devices, offering themed audio chat rooms, to which users can join according to their preferences.

New attempt to catch up with other successful platforms

The coronavirus pandemic, and the search for other forms of social interaction, has made Clubhouse It comes at the right time, ranking first in the Apple App Store app leaderboard in a number of countries around the world, including Germany or Turkey.

Despite being in beta phase, personalities such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg himself have already passed through it, who this past Sunday spoke about virtual reality and augmented reality.

The passage of them has allowed him to increase his popularity even more, increasing the interest to participate in it. And as it is a constantly growing form of communication, despite the fact that it resembles what was the old Party Line lines of the 80s through landlines, «Social Audio» will experience an important boom throughout the present year.

As evidence we have that Twitter is creating its own rival called SpacesCurrently in the testing phase, Quilt arrives today, with a thematic focus focused on wellness, and Fireside will soon arrive as a next-generation podcast platform, with famous entrepreneur Mark Cuban behind it.

With all this, on Facebook they also want to have their own Clubhouse, as reported now The New York Times based on two people familiar with the operation. According to these same sources, the development of its alternative is in its initial stage, although at the moment no further information has emerged in this regard, since the company itself has not wanted to make statements to said medium.

What we can intuit is that Facebook managers have noticed that Clubhouse is a youth platform, and no one escapes (and there are even mockeries in series) that this segment of users has been abandoned Facebook by other more current options used by younger user populations.

This has meant, for example, that Facebook has launched Reel, but Reel is not giving satisfactions, coming preceded by the closure of Lasso, so not all attempts to clone successful applications have been positive.

We will see what it is trying to bring and the possible interest or not of users to be part of it.

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