[Insolite] For Valentine’s Day, Bouygues Telecom offers a mini-charger with a 3-centimeter cable

The smartphone has changed the way we live our relationships, by making our exchanges simpler, freer, richer.

But it has also imposed itself in all situations of our social lives, even going so far as to invite itself into our bedroom. This undermines our privacy and reduces the time, discussions and attention we devote to our partner. According to a study conducted for Bouygues Telecom: 1 in 2 French people are glued to their cellphones before going to bed. And up to 66% of 18-44 year olds. (source: Poll & Roll study for Bouygues Telecom, 1000 respondents aged 18-65 as a couple, January 2021).

This is why Bouygues Telecom presented the very first mini-charger with a wire measuring only a few centimeters. Suddenly, once your smartphone is plugged into the mini-charger… you can’t use it in bed!

Obviously, this product does not exist: it is the spearhead of a major awareness campaign by Bouygues Telecom on the uses of smartphones in married life a few days before Valentine’s Day. Because if the mini-loader does not exist, the stake is very real and deserves to be taken seriously. The operator has therefore set up a dedicated page full of practical advice.

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