Instagram now focuses on direct messages to avoid abusive situations

Instagram se center now in the Direct Messages function for the tightening of its measures and the launch of new controls that can alleviate the situations of abuse that have been occurring on the platform, relying on the successful experience of the measures that have been applied some time ago against abuses given in the comments, achieving a significant reduction in offensive comments.

They acknowledge that there are currently many situations of abuse in direct messages, being more difficult to address than in the comments of the platform, given that being a function for private communications, they do not use technologies that detect situations of abuse of proactively.

To avoid encountering abusive situations in Direct Messages

Even so, they consider that there are still channels to take more measures, and these measures now come in the form of tightening of rules and the delivery of new controls for all users.

Regarding the tightening of the measures on direct messages, from now on, instead of temporarily prohibiting the use of the function to those who violate the rules, from now on their respective accounts will be directly disabled.

Moreover, they will also disable the accounts of those users who register new accounts to circumvent the restrictions on Direct Messages, and they will monitor to disable all those accounts that have been created solely to send abusive direct messages.

Equating the controls of personal accounts to those of creators and companies

On the other hand, the controls, which until now were exclusive to creator and company accounts, are now beginning to be extended to personal accounts in a number of countries, with the idea that it can reach all users as soon as possible. .

Among other things, these controls allow you to disable the reception of direct messages from accounts that are not being monitored.

In addition, users can also deactivate the labels or mentions of those others who do not know, or even to block to those specific users from whom you do not want to receive any direct messages.

Later a new function will arrive that is currently under development, involving the user community itself for its improvement before its launch in the coming months.

Since Instagram are open to participation alongside other companies, football associations, NGOs, governments, parents and educators, both online and offline, to address anti-abuse measures, and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities’ on matters incitement to hatred and violence ”always within the legality and respect for human rights.

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