Last chance for the B & You 200 GB package at less than 15 euros

This is the last day to enter the mobile plan at the best data / price ratio. The VERY B & YOU 200 GB offer at 14.99 euros per month will disappear tonight.

If you’ve been looking for a plan with lots of data, but at a low price, look no further. And don’t wait. Tonight will be the end of the package with the best data / price ratio of the moment: the 200 GB offer at only 14.99 euros per month by B & YOU. In addition to this particularly interesting data envelope, it also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France as well as 15 GB of data in the European Union and the overseas departments and even 5G for a small supplement. Last chance therefore to seize this particularly complete formula. Remember also that it is without commitment and the price will not change after one year.

Find the B & YOU 200 GB package at 14.99 euros

Everything you need to know about the B & YOU 200 Go package

Let’s summarize the advantages of the B & YOU package. He understands :

  • Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS
  • 200 Go de 4G
  • 15 GB of mobile data in Europe / DOM
  • and this without condition of duration
  • and without commitment

The main element to remember is therefore the presence of 200 Go of date on the very good 4G network of Bouygues Télécom. Thus, you can easily view any type of content on your smartphone, especially in video. In addition, by sharing your smartphone’s 4G connection, you can watch videos on YouTube or Netflix on a computer if your fixed connection is not very efficient. According to Arcep, Bouygues indeed offers one of the best coverage in low density areas. Thus, this huge envelope of data can largely supplant an inefficient fixed Internet connection by sharing your smartphone connection. A sort of 4G box which does not speak its name. This offer is also aimed at those who are often on the move and need to be permanently connected to the Internet for both professional and personal needs.

This volume of 200 GB of data is only applicable in mainland France, but if you are elsewhere in Europe or in the DOM, you have 15 Go from data in these areas, and at no additional cost. With that, there is no need to go find another operator in case of prolonged displacement. If you spend long hours on the phone, you should also know that there are unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France. In Europe, but also in the overseas departments, you also benefit from unlimited calls and SMS, but SMS will be deducted from the 15 GB provided for these areas. Either way, it allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Ready for 5G

This package also has a very interesting advantage for those who can already benefit from the 5G network. Once the offer has been subscribed, it will be possible to activate a 5G option. All you have to do is go to your Bouygues application, then in the “My line” tab, then “Options”, then “5G Option”. This costs 3 euros per month. The package therefore comes back to you at the price of 17.99 euros per month, with an even faster connection. An ideal solution if your area is covered in 5G… and even more ideal if it is not. Since this is an option, you don’t pay for 5G until you are covered or feel the need for it.

14.99 euros per month is a fixed price and without commitment. The price will therefore not change after 6 months or a year as it can sometimes be seen. As usual with B & You, the subscriptions are quite flexible, and you can add data or options to your subscription as needed. We also recommend that you download the mobile application, available on iOS and Android, to make the most of it, and to monitor your consumption in real time. Bouygues also allows you to keep your current phone number. All the steps are to be found on the operator’s website.

Find the B & YOU 200 GB package at 14.99 euros

This article is sponsored by Bouygues Telecom. It was produced in partnership by a dedicated team, independent from the editorial staff of Journal du Geek.

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