This laptop has 7 screens

The Aurora 7 aims to revolutionize the laptop computer industry. This prototype, developed by the firm Expanscape, has a classic chassis with six additional screens that extend in all directions.

Credit: Expanscape

With its spy gadget allure, the Aurora 7 was designed for multitasking. This prototype, developed by Expanscape, uses the principle of dual screen computers but push the thing even further. The imposing computer has 7 screens, including a principal of 17.3 inch and 4k. Then unfold three additional screens, at the top and on the sides, each of them has a refresh rate of 60hz. Finally, three other monitors, this time smaller, are added to the impressive device. We will also find one of them directly at the bottom of the keyboard, instead of the wrist rests. All of the screens can be folded up to allow the computer to be stored and transported quite easily, although it will probably be necessary to arm yourself with a sturdy bag.

Credit: Expanscape

One hour of autonomy

Under the hood of this monster, there are two batteries. The first of 82Wh provides power to the main screen, while the second of 148Wh will be responsible for operating the rest of the device. In the specifications of the PC, the brand promises a life of one hour using both batteries. We are far from the autonomy offered by laptops on the market, but it’s still quite impressive. GPU side, it will be necessary to rely on Nvidia GTX 1060 mid-range. The computer also has a processor Intel Core i9-9900k and of 64 Go of RAM. In the future, the brand intends to improve its copy by using Nvidia RTX 2070 cards and offer options with the AMD Ryzen 9 3950x processor or the Intel i9-10900K processor. Finally, the computer also promises to save you your gym membership, thanks to its 12 kg on the scale. That’s over 4 times the weight of a typical laptop. The Aurora 7 should also weigh heavily on the portfolio, according to The Verge. The American media explains that it will be possible to reserve a prototype of its next revision but that it will be necessary to sign a non-disclosure agreement before. This allows the company to ensure that no one publicly discloses the price of the device. We must therefore expect that the note will be salty. It remains to be seen how Expanscape will improve its prototype to make it more accessible and practical. The peculiarity of a laptop being that it can be taken anywhere, we cannot say that the bet has been successful for the moment.

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