Alexa has new feature to share songs between Echo devices

Amazon Echo

Amazon is adding a new feature for Alexa that will make it easier for users to share music from any Echo device.

You just need to have an Alexa account set up, and you can share any song you listen to on your Echo device with your friends.

New feature for sharing music with Alexa

The dynamics that this new function proposes is very simple. You just have to ask Alexa to share the song that is playing and mention the name of your contact or friend.

Once you take that action, Alexa will notify your contact that you are sharing music through their Echo device. That way, your friend won’t miss the songs you share via Alexa. How do you play the song you have shared? Your friend only needs to ask Alexa for incoming messages. So when you go through that process, it will give you the option to play the song on whatever device you choose. That simple

Your friend doesn’t need to have the same music app or service for this process to complete. For example, if the song belongs to Spotify, it is not a requirement that your friend also have that app installed to play it on their device.

Alexa will try to find that song on another service that your friend’s device has available. And if it can’t find the track, then it will present suggestions based on that song. And as a bonus, this new Alexa feature will also allow your friend to send a reaction in response to the shared song.

One detail to keep in mind is that this dynamic can only be applied with those users who are saved as Alexa contacts. And of course, that they have a device with the Alexa application. Amazon mentions that this is just the beginning, as they plan to expand the potential of this feature to provide more options for users.

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