Carl Pei confirms Nothing’s first launch in 2021

OnePlus co-founder reported that one of Alphabet Inc.’s branches, Google Ventures, led the new financing round for his new company, Nothing. THE start-up Carl Pei will present his first headphones in the summer and beyond.

After making the mission known to the company, group of investors and details about the market where it wants to operate in the past month, Nothing today announced that, in addition to a major new investor, it is preparing to launch audio solutions in 2021 .

Google Ventures invested $ 15 million in Carl Pei’s Nothing

Adding the investment of this Alphabet arm, Nothing managed to raise 22 million dollars to finance its journey that now begins. The range of investors includes names like Paddy Cosgrove, Josh Buckley, Casey Neistat, among others.

The company also made it known that the community and the general public could invest in the company, although the details of such an implementation have not been disclosed. Carl Pei promised to release more information very soon.

According to the Bloomberg, the company’s first product will be focused on audio. More specifically, headphones or headphones to arrive in the summer, in addition to other products already on the launch calendar to arrive in 2021.

Headphones and more smart devices for the big market

Headphones are the first of several devices for the general public, with the goal being to create an ecosystem of smart devices like gadgets and IoT products. The exact content and shape of these products is, for now, unknown.

In addition to the headphones, it is likely, although it has not been confirmed, the launch of Bluetooth headsets True Wireless, being a natural complement for the headphones. Pei had already confirmed that the company would operate in the audio market, in addition to pluggable and IoT solutions.

Carl Pei has gathered the trust of big names in the world of technology, including the boldest arm of Google’s parent company, Google Ventures.

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