HBO Max will begin its global deployment in Latin America and the Caribbean in June

To speak of streaming platforms is to think of heavyweights in the industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +, although from WarnerMedia, an AT&T subsidiary, they want HBO to be another heavyweight that sneaks into the list of users’ favorite services.

For this reason, they are working on a unified experience to deploy it internationally, replacing HBO GO and local HBO brands wherever it is offered, such as HBO Spain, being HBO Max the brand with which they want to reach the whole world, with more content and new possibilities, although the catalog may vary from one region to another, depending on the copyright available.

Trying to consolidate a brand globally

As expected, WarnerMedia Just confirmed that Latin America and the Caribbean will make up what is the first stop of the international deployment, although by the end of this year it will also reach European markets, including Spain, replacing the current HBO.

Keep in mind that HBO Max is already available in the United States since May of last year.

Regarding current clients of HBO In Latin America and the Caribbean, WarnerMedia notes that:

At launch, existing customers with direct billing from HBO GO, as well as those who are billed through eligible partners, will get instant access to HBO Max. The existing HBO GO service in Latin America and the Caribbean will be phased out.

These users will access the same experience that users of this service already enjoy in the United States through a new application, with content designed for people of all ages and belonging to brands such as HBO, Warner Bros, New Line, DC , CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV and Adult Swim, along with exclusive and original content that will arrive under the Max Originals brand.

As the date arrives, WarnerMedia will specify its content offer, possible offers and promotions, as well as other information of interest to users.

And like other streaming platforms:

HBO Max will be readily available through a variety of subscription options and downloadable on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and a wide range of smart entertainment platforms.

With this movement, competition in the streaming platform segment is further fueled, so the main heavyweights will have to review their respective strategies to stay in their privileged positions.

More information: WarnerMedia
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