HomeKit for the Smartlock is imminent

tedee will apparently put the plan to release HomeKit compatibility in the first quarter of 2021 into action.

tedee Smartlock with HomeKit soon as beta

The Smartlock from tedee is small, quiet and consistently high quality. During my test on our YouTube channel, the Smartlock convinced me so much that it replaced the Smartlock from Nuki in my home. There is one thing that tedee cannot do compared to Nuki, and that is the collaboration with Apple’s HomeKit.

Tedee had previously announced that it would implement the HomeKit integration in the first quarter of 2021. The company remains true to this schedule, because a HomeKit beta version has now been announced on the tedee support page. Interested users can install these on their Android or iOS device and give the developers feedback on the implementation.

How to join for Android Beta

If you want to participate please enroll using this form. Use the same email address you use for Google Play store. We’ll send you a confirmation email. After receiving it you will be able to sign up for alpha tests on Google Play using this link.

You can leave the testing program any time using the same link and install the public version from store.

How to join for iOS Beta

You can join iOS beta using this public link.

In order to install the app, you will need to download and open TestFlight. Please follow the steps from the manual:

To leave testing program, you can delete yourself as a tester in the app’s Information page in TestFlight by tapping Stop Testing and install the public version from store.


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